Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing



CompleteSource is an expert in using the world market to provide the best possible value to our customers.


We Work Factory-Direct

We work closely with you to define the product specifications you desire, source the right manufacturer, communicate your objectives, and negotiate the best price. Our goal is to provide you a written proposal within 24 to 48 hours so you can respond quickly, accurately and with confidence to import opportunities.

We Manage All The Details

Managing the production of any custom product is challenging; however, when distance, language and cultural differences are added, the task is best left to experienced professionals. Completesource works with a team of experts that are not just bi-lingual, but many have lived oversea's. Our Project Managers are dedicated to ensuring  your products are manufactured according to your specifications and delivered on time and on budget. We've honed in on a detailed, 20-step manufacturing protocol. Each project is subject to in-line and post QC inspections and product safety testing when appropriate. We manage the details so you don't have to!

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