Let’s say you have a company event, sponsorship, or trade show coming up and you’re thinking about including a giveaway or sporting your team with branded apparel. Where to start?

There are steps in creating a great promotional product. First and foremost, is finding the best item for your specific event/need. You can work on this idea yourself or go straight to the people who know the industry best. Working with a promotional consultant can make the planning process much easier and you will be amazed by the number of products you probably didn’t know existed.

There are a few questions you need to have answered before starting:

Let your promo consultant know what you are purchasing for. Is it a school fundraiser? How about a marathon? Maybe a company holiday party? The list goes on. This will allow them to provide you with multiple ideas that go with your theme and maybe a little outside of the box.

If your item is completely custom - building from the ground up - then keep in mind to START EARLY. This process can take weeks-to-months depending on what you need made. If it’s an already produced product just being branded, the typical turn time is only a few weeks. BUT you should always start the process early because, again, there is more to this than just “placing an order.” Keep that weight off your shoulders...think of it like starting Christmas shopping in September.

This is important. Because in this industry, the more the better! Not just in price, because that is a huge factor for many, but it’s great to have those extra pieces for additional giveaways. The more you get, the more budget-friendly the item becomes.

Now. Let’s begin. Call up your rep and give them all these answers and any additional information you want them to know. At CompleteSource, here is how to the process will usually go:

  1. Your rep will create a presentation of multiple ideas based off your theme/event for you to review.

  2. YOU tell us what items you are most interested in based on those ideas. Or let us know if we need to look for more options.

  3. We will provide a physical sample if it’s something you want to see in person (optional but definitely a great idea!).

  4. Once you’ve narrowed down to a few or the specific products you want, we will provide you with a final quote based on your decoration needs (ie. you want a 2-color logo screen printed on the back of a t-shirt vs a left chest embroidered logo).

  5. Virtuals are created to give you an idea what your final product will look like.

  6. The order is approved and placed!

  7. BAM - you have your product and are ready to rock-and-roll.

The process can be fun for both you and the promo consultant, so be sure to let us help you on your next project. Contact a CompleteSource representative today!

Want a quicker solution with already thought out items? Go to our online catalog and see what is already available to purchase right away! (Products are being added consistently, so again, reach out to a rep if you don't see what you're looking for.)