As we already know, colors are increasingly important in fashion where designers are responding by featuring more shades in their collections, according to Pantone Color Institute.

Every year there is a "Color of the Year". That affects more businesses than you would think. The promotional products industry for instance. New products and apparel are brought into play every year based on the "in colors."

In 2018, vibrant and bold hues define the Pantone palette. "Fashion and the people that interact with it no longer want to limit themselves by following traditional color guidelines. Unique spring shades that make for complex and original combinations expand the opportunity for self-expression," the Spring 2018 Trend Report from Pantone Color Institute says.

Suppliers in the promotional products industry closely watch the forecasting tools so they can tailor their new products to their clients and what's happening now. 

So basically, instead of just the one color, there are multiple top picks for 2018 to work with. Bright colors but some neutrals and pastels are included in those picks.

The gap in style trends between the retail and promo world is narrowing. The corporate world is molding to showcase more retail looking apparel uniforms and products. This change in the industry is to give organizations what they want.

"Adapting new hues can refresh and create excitement for a brand and its message, and there are ways even the most conservative clients can green-light some red-hot trends. We surveyed industry apparel experts to get their take on the hottest new colors and how to work them into branding efforts" (ASI; Advertising Specialty Institute).


  • YELLOW: bright yellow has gotten a lot of attention on fashion runways to Hollywood. This is more of an accent color.
  • PINK: an increasingly important color across gender lines. It has a washed-down, nostalgic look. A color particularly popular with fraternities and sororities, and is a trendy and important color in university gift shops.
  • TEAL GREEN: its a "hip" color right now. This color is re-emerging from its popularity in the 1990s. Designers are putting a heather look to it to put a fresh take on the color as well as on the typical grey heathers.
  • RED: this standout color is a bold shade and also a popular corporate color. It's a power color but also vibrant enough that it is great for athletic and performance apparel.
  • BLUE: "everything goes with blue." And with a wide spectrum of shades, blue translates well in the corporate world. Carolina Blue specifically has become extremely popular all over the industry. Denim is slowly making a comeback as well.
  • PURPLE: shades of purple are foreseen in being big in promo fashion this year. Purple was popular spring 2017 but is seen to still hit big in 2018 as its an energy and excitement color that people seem to enjoy. It's also a 1990s nolstagic color alongside the teal and pink.
  • SHADES OF GRAY: a neutral palette remains important in the corporate world. Typically heathered grays and charcoal are top sellers.