Corporate & Small Business Solutions

Business Form is a very broad term used to describe a wide variety of products. Essentially, a business form is a printed document with blank spaces for collecting or inserting required information. Forms can be as simple as a single page, or multi-parted with multiple layers for duplicates, or very complex documents that integrate labels, consecutive numbering, security features and other specialized options.


Letterhead and Envelopes

With a vase array of paper selections and matching envelopes CompleteSource can provide the most common of all business forms in spot or full clor process printing.

Clean Release Cards

Clean Release Cards are cards integrated directly into printed forms, and can be removed easily without any adhesive residue sticking to the card. Clean Release Cards are ideal for Health Care cards, membership cards, identification cards and much more.

Cut Sheet Forms

Cut Sheet Forms are printed paper forms cut or trimmed to standard sizes ready for use with a copier, press or printer.

Integrated Manufacturing

Integrated Printing combines, or integrates, multiple items or applications into a single printed item or printed unit set. This may include the integration of barcoding, labels, cards, security features and much more.

Integrated Labels

Integrated labels are combined, or integrated, directly into a printed piece, and are typically easily removed from the printed page. Integrated labels have a variety of applications, including Chain of Custody forms for the health care industry, address labels, product marking and much more.

Jumbo Rolls

Jumbo Rolls are used for long-run, high speed web press printing. Jumbo rolls are ideal for printing continuous forms for uses such as financial statements, invoices, direct mail applications and much more.


Labels are papers or other face stocks printed with information and / or graphic elements on the front, and backed with adhesive that allows the label to be removed from special backing material and re-applied elsewhere.

Piggyback Labels

A piggyback label has two label layers and a liner. The top label is affixed to the bottom label and is removable. The bottom label also has adhesive on the back so it will stick when blown onto a form. Imaging performed to the label face using impact printing can be transferred to the second label part.

Promotional Printing

Promotional Printing is the printing of materials for marketing promotions, such as direct mail postcards, brochures, posters and more. Promotional pieces typically need to be of very high quality, and are often printed using presses with high color to produce crisp, sharp images. Often, coatings are also used to produce glossy finishes. Modern digital printing technology now makes it possible to do short-run, high quality promotional pieces.

Self Laminating Cards

Self Laminating Cards are integrated directly onto printed forms, usually containing variable information about specific customers or members. Self laminating cards are designed so that a recipient can manually add any necessary additional information to the card (i.e. a signature). The cards are backed with a clear film which remains on the form when the recipient removes the card. After the card is removed, the recipient can then push the completed card back onto the form on top of the clear film, and then push the card all the way through the document, resulting in a laminated finished product. Self laminating cards are ideal for identification cards, membership cards and more.

Unit Sets

Unit Sets are typically a single form that is collated into a multi-layered business form that can be easily separated by the end user. Unit Set forms may also incorporate multiple integrated features and include variable printing applications Cross web gluing can be used to create pockets or envelopes within unit set designs. Unit sets are also referred to as “snap outs”.


Checks, also referred to as drafts, are negotiable instruments drawn against deposited funds to pay a specified amount of money to a specific person upon demand. Printed checks employ multiple techniques and special applications to protect them against unauthorized reproduction.

Health Care Forms

Health Care Forms are integrated forms designed specifically for use in the health care industry. Health Care forms can include a variety of specialized features including: tracking numbers, bar codes, security features, integrated labels and cards, and much more. Chain of Custody forms are a special type of form used in the health care industry to allow for accurate tracking of patients and patient information as information flows from one responsible party to another.

Integrated Cards

Integrated Cards are combined, or integrated, directly into a printed piece, and are typically easily removed from the printed page either by perforations or specialized release adhesives.. Examples of integrated cards may include Identification cards, membership cards, window stickers, tags and more.

Laser Cut Sheets

Laser Cut Sheets are cut to standardized sizes for use in laser printers typically 8 ½” x 11” and 8 ½” x 14”. They may be manufactured as blank sheets or custom printed already cut to size. Laser cut sheets may also be cut to size off a continuous roll as part of the inline printing process.

Pocket Forms

Pocket forms are created using cross web gluing techniques in unit set or continuous formats to create pockets. These applications are used for CD/DVD storage/mailing, jewelry bags, patient valuable envelopes and other applications where storage of items is required.


Document or Image scanning is the process of converting paper documents or other files to digital images or formats. Also referred to as a “analog to digital” conversion process, scanning is used to allow paper files to be viewed electronically.

Variable Image Printing

Variable Image Printing uses sophisticated digital technology to add bar codes, modulus number, jumbo numbers and/or unique customer information to a variety of print applications. Variable image printing is ideal for inventory tracking needs and for personalizing direct mail pieces.