Why Agencies Like Working With CompleteSource


Our consultants have a passion for what they do, with an unwavering desire for excellence, and genuine confidence in finding the solutions you need. CompleteSource is backed by a team of experts in a broad range of businesses with access to the most innovative, creative, and cost-effective solutions available in the marketplace today. With Global sourcing and access to over 3,600 manufacturers and importers, we can offer the right solution for every project with our Family of Online Stores.


We certainly understand the value of a brand and the strict requirements that are often needed to make sure that whatever we help you to execute meets those exacting standards of your client. From PMS Color Match, Quality Standards, CPSIA Safety Standards and Federal and State Compliance Issues. Our consultants are always looking out for your client’s best interest and in return, we know that is why you will rely on us in the future.


We understand that your team is a talented group, but may lack a small piece of the puzzle needed to fully develop a solution. We are here to help you with those pieces, our intention is to become your trusted business partner and to fill in where you need us. Our team of consultants specialize in a variety of areas and will provide you with a short list of vetted solutions to choose from.


Buy based on price alone? All too often the pressure to purchase this way seems like the best option to maximize your firm's profit but may have negative consequences that reflect back on you and your firm that linger long after the low price. We know our future depends on your success with your client and you need value you can trust. Our culture at CompleteSource is to have a relentless pursuit of outstanding Customer Service backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so give us a try today. This is how we have grown to service an international client base.


We understand that planning is an integral part of your process and that often times there can be a lengthy procedure in developing a solution for your client. That is why our consultants understand we need to walk in sync with your team and be there when you need us but not be that pesky sales type organization that seems to only be interested in a quick sale. We understand that a long term relationship is in both our best interests.